Fulfilling an Order

Fulfilling an Order Fulfilling an order alerts our system and the customer when the purchase of a product has been processed. Order fulfillment only takes place if you are set-up for manual fulfillment. If you are set-up for automatic fulfillment, you do not need to perform this process. Order fulfillments take place within U.commerce and consist of a few easy steps. Please watch the training video on the right side of your screen. Written step by step directions and a downloadable link are below.

Steps to Fulling a Product

  1. Log in to U.commerce
  2. Hover over the Applications tab
  3. Navigate to Marketplace
  4. Click on the number under the "Fulfillments Pending" column
  5. Check the box of the order desired to fulfill
  6. Click "Process Fulfillment"
  7. Click "OK" when asked if you want to fulfill these shipments
  8. Click "Accept Payment"
  9. Click "Ok" when asked if you are sure that you want to charge the customer
  10. Click "Print Packing List" (This is optional but a vaulable feature if you are shipping products)
  11. Click "Print"
  12. Click "Proceed to Step 3"
  13. Enter a tracking number
  14. Click "Proceed to Step 4"
  15. Click "Send Email"
  16. Click "Continue"
Download the Training Manual with screenshots here.