About Marketplace

The E-Commerce unit of the Cash and Treasury Services Department strives to provide University departments with a secure and convenient way to extend their business operations to the World Wide Web. Our goal is to provide a secure environment that allows buyers and sellers to connect electronically, making it easy for students, parents, alumni, and the community to do business with Clemson.

Marketplace, hosted by TouchNet Information Systems, Inc., will serve as the University's' main E-Commerce service provider. The use of Marketplace helps us to accomplish our mission by providing an E-Commerce solution that is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. It is both secure and cost-effective, and allows departments to easily operate online storefronts to sell products or accept online payments.

CU Marketplace launched in 2013 to provide University departments an avenue to secure and process online payments. Since its launch, it has seen processed revenue exceed $50,000,000 and has attracted over 200 Clemson University departments to utilize its features.

Marketplace Features

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing allows you to offer different pricing options for the same product. The price is changed automatically depending upon which options the customer selects. This gives you the ability to offer different pricing tiers for conferences or size and color selections for merchandise. It adds convenience to the customer because the calculations are done for them and all payments can be made at once.

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Customer Information

Marketplace offers you the ability to collect as much information as you would like from your customers. With options such as, drop down menus, text entry, and checkbox selections, our system is able to provide you with the tools you need. Fields can even be made optional or required, guaranteeing you get the information you need.

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Promotional Codes

Marketplace allows you to offer promotional codes at checkout. These can be presented as a dollar amount off the purchase price or a percentage taken off of the total. Promotional codes can start and expire on any day you choose. They can be offered as single use or unlimited use.

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U.Commerce offers you the ability to access sales reports derived from Marketplace. These reports are real-time and have the ability to show products sold and all other information the customer entered. Multiple reports are able to be accessed at the same time and they have the ability to separate shipping and tax totals. The totals report should be referenced with the PeopleSoft Query in order to perform reconciliations.

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More Features

General Ledger Updates
Automatic Receipt Emails
Sales Tax Automatization
Detailed Reports
Secure Online Payments

Debit Card Payments
Printable Packing List
Easy Refunds
Mobile Ready
Credit Card Payments

Fast Setup
Electronic Check Payments
Real Time Reports
Dynamic Pricing
Promotional Codes

Steps To Get Online

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Complete Application

Step 2

Site Configuration

Step 3

Test, Test, Test

Step 4

Go Live

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An online presence through CU Marketplace gives your department the opportunity to reach a wider market and offer convenience to current customers. If you would like to begin the process of creating an online store, please click the "Start The Process" button just below this section.

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Still Have Questions?

If you have questions regarding Marketplace, we ask that you visit the FAQs page located under the "For Departments" tab or click the "Download Manual" button below. If any additional questions arise, please visit our Contact page to submit your question.