Processing a Refund

TouchNet software and CU Marketplace allow for you to offer refunds to your customers at any time. Refunds can be any dollar amount up to final selling price and must be placed back on the original form of payment. Please watch the training video on the right side of your screen.

Steps to process a refund:

  1. Log in to U.commerce
  2. Hover over the Applications tab
  3. Navigate to Marketplace
  4. Click on the number under the "Fulfillments Pending" column
  5. Search by date range
  6. Change "Pending" to "Order Date"
  7. Click "Search"
  8. Look for the Buyer Name
  9. Click "View"
  10. Select Quantity to Return
  11. Enter the Refund Amount
  12. Click "Process Refund"
  13. Click "OK" when asked if you want to continue
Download the Training Manual with screenshots here.